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Stacy Kamala Waltman ~

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For her transformational coaching practice, Advanced Life Coach Stacy Kamala Waltman, draws from a rich and varied background to enhance each client’s personal, emotional and professional life.  She bridges the spiritual world with the professional arena by using her well-rounded blend of experience and personal development skills. A path of health and restoration is what she reveals to her clients.
Stacy’s unique talents have been used in a variety of business settings including group/team facilitation, public speaking, marketing, promotions, corporate communications, and public relations.  In small, medium, and large companies, she has mastered the skill of teaching balance and happiness in a fast-paced world.
At San Diego State University, Stacy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with a minor in business administration.  She has served her community as a consultant and volunteer in many capacities as well as facilitating The Vibrant Economy Team on the Bend2030 Vision Project, and has worked as a commissioner on the Oregon Governor’s Commission on Women.
Stacy’s business world experience is complimented and enriched by a more than 30-year history as a student of Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga, as a Certified Meditation Teacher, RYT90 and as a Certified Svaroopa Yoga Instructor, RYT500. The name Kamala was given to her at the age of 18 by Swami Satchidananda. Kamala is the sanskrit word for the exalted (Maha) lotus with great spiritual wealth and wisdom. Kamala is also the 10th Maha Vidya (exalted knowledge).


Photo from left to right: Swami Satchidananda (Integral Yoga), Stacy Kamala Waltman (Integration Coaching and Kamala Yoga), and Yogi Haeckel

From the postures of Hatha Yoga to breath regulation to the discipline of meditation and the joy of chanting, Stacy has developed a deep appreciation for the peace, centering and focus to be found in spiritual alignment and how it can bolster stress reduction, effectiveness, life balance, and clarity of thought.
Embracing all religions, Stacy focuses on the heart of the individual and their deep restoration rather than on the way they choose to celebrate the Divine. One of her favorite quotes is, "Truth is One, paths are many." ~ Swami Satchidananda.
By combining various disciplines with specific coaching training and advanced education at the Coaches Training Institute – accredited by the International Coaching Federation – Stacy provides an integrated approach to her life coaching skills.
"Clarity equals peace, happiness and strength.  I will help you to become clear so that you have the inner power to be authentic, successful, peaceful, dynamic and happy in your life." ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman
Stacy’s clients are people aligning with enhanced qualities:  better communication skills, a healthy relationship with money, emotional equilibrium, inspired action, self-awareness and skillful life balance.  Her vision is to guide clients and teams to a life of fulfillment and success by linking their spiritual, material, emotional, and practical needs. Health and restoration is the focus of all her programs.
“In addition to being a wonderful communicator, Stacy is also a gifted and powerful coach,” says Jim DeLaurentis, CFO, The Andrew Lauren Company, Inc.  “She has dynamic energy, a sweet and sharp intellect and deep commitment.  She is wise yet a lot of fun.”
Whether you participate in one of her workshops, teleseminar or webinar formats, organizational teams or individual coaching programs, deep relaxation or customized programs, you will co-develop with her your awareness of yourself – enhancing how you interact with the world.
Stacy Kamala Waltman’s approach is not only brilliant; her sense of humor, powerful yet calm voice and ease of interaction allows the process to be powerful AND lighthearted.

For more information or to schedule a program or event, please email Stacy:  ic@integrationcoaching.com



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Like an artist who turns the canvas upside down to gain a different perspective, Stacy Kamala Waltman sheds light by offering a different view. Her work is transformative and life enhancing. (photo taken July 2011)


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"When one of us evolves, our collective consciousness shifts and vibrates at a higher level," says Stacy Kamala Waltman. "We are all interconnected and interdependent. Let’s wake up from our trance and see clearly."