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Something powerful happens when two (or more) come together for learning, healing, and prayer. The sum is greater than the individual parts, and our individual capacity for introspection and active transformation is greatly magnified within the group dynamic.

What is a Tele & Webinar?
A Teleseminar, also known as a teleclass, is a live workshop/seminar linking you with other people around the world by telephone conference line.

Teleseminars provide a very effective way to bridge distance and reduce costs. Teleseminars are conducted live, enabling the facilitator and participants to interact during the period of the call, usually lasting between 45 - 60 minutes.

With Teleseminars and webinars, it is possible for you to participate in many of the mainstream Integration Coaching programs from the convenience and comfort of your home or office.

Benefits of the Tele & Webinar format:

  • Learning from home or your office, with immediate application rather than having to wait until the end of an in-person workshop.
  • Reduced Cost - Travel and accommodation costs are eliminated as you make the call from your home or office.
  • Real-time Learning and Development of Networks with other professionals from around the world. - establishing long term relationships, different cultural viewpoints and professional contacts.
  • Structured learning opportunities - Teleclasses are generally offered over a three to eight week period for one hour each week. This format provides structured intensive interaction with sufficient time between sessions for you to deepen your learning through weekly assignments.

When are tele & webinars offered?
Tele & Webinars are offered throughout the year. Please visit the Testimonial Page.

What is included in the course registration fee? In addition to the group calls, each teleseminar includes:

  • Weekly materials and class recordings sent via email.
  • Exercises and assessments
  • Support and contact with me via email between sessions
  • Integration Coaching teleseminars are intended to stay small allowing individualized attention for each participant; rare in today's teleseminar world.




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