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Customized Meditation Courses ~

A Distance Learning Program combining Life Coaching and Yoga.

"Meditation, in the form of a focused receptive silence, acts like a spiritual laser, a sound bath dissolving problems, obstacles and limitations." ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman

Meditation is non-denominational and is a crucial tool in unwinding preconditioned habits and behaviors.  It has nothing to do with religion yet it can be deeply spiritual. And learning to do it with Stacy is fun!

Daily meditation develops the capacity to gain mastery of frenetic thoughts by making the mind steady and able to deeply concentrate. As a result of increasing the attention span, meditation also greatly improves memory.

Meditation calms, centers and grounds an individual into a deeper connection with their highest intentions allowing one's life to be lead with peace, deep focus, compassion, and personal power. 

Mediation is healing, relaxing and restorative allowing greater productivity, health, and morale; increasing one's quality of life and a person's contribution to their company's bottom line.

Daily meditation brings in the quality of lightheartedness as you connect to your source and your personal power increases.

We are in a time of great change. It is my life purpose to help people through this process by teaching them new skills; drawing from their own inner Source. I am a Meditation Master and Transformational Life Coach professionally trained through the Coaching Training Institute, one of the few schools accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Utilizing several modalities when I co-design with my clients, I help people who have never meditated before as well as those who have tried to meditate but have been unable to establish a regular DAILY practice. I teach people how to meditate in spite of their hectic schedules and through this practice, people's lives transform from the inside, out.

My Customized Meditation Coaching Programs are delivered on the telephone and email allowing you to live anywhere in the world and still receive the benefit of these programs.

In my three Customized Meditation Coaching Program's: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced, you will cut through all of the generic advice, how-to books and standard classes that don't quite address your specific needs or capture the specific meditation challenges you face.

Being a Certified Toga Instructor RYT500 and Certified Meditation Teacher RYT90, I sometimes suggest physical yoga postures for people to use in conjunction with their meditation training. My approach is multi-faceted and beneficial on many levels.

Stacy, who is a natural empathic and intuitive, has studied yogic principles for over 30 years. She respects all forms of spirituality, religion and atheism.

"In spite of what popular media tells us, meditation is not relaxation although meditation is relaxing", says Stacy Kamala Waltman. "We get to meditation through deep concentration. It is also a way to plug into our source and bathe away the dirt that clutters our mind with confusion and excessive, unproductive thinking."

With these customized programs you will avoid meditation misinformation and "New Age" myth that has been created to sell the idea rather than the real experience of meditation. When the excitement of beginning a new program inevitably wears off, I will be there with you guiding you through the challenging transitions.

"Meditation is a relationship. It is an intimate relationship with the Self. As in all relationships there are stages in its life force with ebbs and flows, increases and decreases, attraction and aversion, ecstasy and staleness until we settle into and merge completely with That." ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman

When a meditation practice is firmly established, synapses within the brain fire in new patterns releasing you from habitual thought patterns.

"After trying meditation through books and on-line programs without much success, I decided to enroll in Stacy's Customized Meditation Coaching Program. Getting back to basics was what I sorely needed to reestablish my daily practice.

In spite of my previous attempts, I was not meditating as consistently as I wanted to. I loved that Stacy guided me into building up gradually so that it didn't seem as if I was climbing up a steep mountain. She is fun, sweet, tenacious and skilled which is exactly what I needed to keep on track.

She also prescribed yoga postures before I meditated which really helped me sink my body into a more comfortable sitting position. Boy did this help a lot!

I really feel like I am honoring the divine spark of God within me when I am meditating. It allows me to exercise more self-love and finally practice what everyone is always talking about. I am so grateful that I took this program! Thanks for guiding me through the rough spots! " ~ Debra Worden

Meditation is a way for you to practice loving your Self. When we truly love ourselves, we begin to treat others with compassion and kindness rather than responding from unconscious and unhealthy patterns.

"I have always wanted to meditate yet could never quiet my mind," said Colleen McInyrre." Stacy guided me into a place where I now have an easy and steady practice. I am eternally grateful!"

Individual personal attention and instruction in a custom tailored course from an experienced specialist is what you get with Stacy Kamala Waltman's programs. She is an expert and master.

In her courses, you will have attention to your development as she works with you to customize your ongoing mediation practice based upon your specific needs. 

"Many people believe they can just 'get' achievements or progress without any effort. Effort is often the application of some discipline. In meditation for instance, many don't understand the value of doing a little bit of meditation every single day. Yet building up one's charge and keeping the mind clean is a daily practice, similar to a daily showering." ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman

Stacy Kamala Waltman's skills are unparalleled in training you to meditate with ease in spite of a hectic schedule. Her magnificent energy is capable of holding the space for your transformation. She is your guide and your champion.

"I also loved the heart-opening exercise Stacy gave me to do in between meditations. I am so in tune to the energy of my heart and love that I can now tap into that energy any time I want. Thank you so very much Stacy!"

Phone calls of approximately 30 minutes take place weekly.  In the Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Meditation Programs she guides and furthers you into the practice of meditation for a minimum of three months (12 weeks).

During this 12 week course, you will be journaling your experiences. Modifications and adjustments to your customized program will be made according to what is revealed.

"I have been attempting a meditation practice for years but decided to approach Stacy’s Meditation Coaching Program with ‘Beginners Mind".  Thank God I did!  I have learned so much from this course and am still in awe!"  ~ Bernice London

Stacy's Customized Meditation Coaching Programs are reasonably priced and are for a minimum of 3 months each.

These courses are uniquely successful and in high demand. Often there is a waiting list.

To schedule a time to talk on the telephone with Stacy to determine whether one of these programs is the right fit for you, please email her at




Course and program policy:

Once you have sent in payment and committed to attend any courses or programs, there are no refunds issued unless I fail to follow-thru on the program delivery.  If a life event unexpectedly occurs during the course of your program commitment that deems you unable to complete your sessions, a one-time extension will be given. This extension must be completed by you within six months of your initial commitment. There will be no exceptions, thank you for understanding.


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Learn to Meditate with Stacy;
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Stacy is trained in the classic art of meditation and has been meditating for over 30 years. Honoring the power of these ancient tools, she teaches people how to take these profound concepts and apply them effectively in today's fast-paced life. Visit the testimonial page for the extraordinary shifts people have made as a result of completing her courses. Testimonials




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A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to one slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe. What nine months of attention does for an embryo, forty early mornings will do for your gradually growing wholeness. ~ Rumi