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Stacy's Deep Relaxation Program's ~

Each Deep Relaxation program is taught while you are in the comfort of your home, over the telephone by Transformational Life Coach, Stacy Kamala Waltman.  You will receive a recording of each session so you can utilize these tools as often as your schedule permits.

The World Health Organization predicts that stress-related disorders will be the second leading cause of disabilities
in the world by 2020 and to maintain health in these times of great stress
The Mayo Clinic recommends a daily Deep Relaxation Program of 15 -30 minutes each day.

Enjoy Stacy's YouTube video on Deep Relaxation.


Stacy's Deep Relaxation programs allow you to practice relaxing the body, mind and spirit.
These sessions allow you to carve out "me" time and therefore stay nourished rather than depleted.
Classes are incrementally progressed and taught over the telephone.
And, they are deeply restorative!


Often in times of great stress we go into survival habits that include behavior patterns of “fight or flight” which taxes the mind, body and spirit even more.  Studies show that the secret to accessing energy and remaining clear in stressful times is to release mental and emotional debris making room for clear and balanced responses.

One of the easiest ways for releasing muscular tension and its companion, contracted thinking patterns, is by tensing and releasing muscle groups in the body using a reliable technique known as progressive muscular relaxation. Doing this practice not only releases physical tension, it also reminds us about the difference between tension and relaxation and brings us back into the body when our mind starts to limit our experience of the world.  With this knowledge, we can catch physical tension early and before it causes sleep problems, painful headaches, back trauma and digestive trouble.  Practicing progressive muscular relaxation provides a calming effect for the body, mind, emotions and spirit too.

Guided relaxation exercises that incorporate these four areas:  progressive muscle relaxation, conscious breathing, creative visualization and guided imagery techniques provide powerful tools for restoring balance to our lives.  That’s what Stacy's programs offer; alternatives to living with tension and program's that deliver health. Learn to bring in a daily deep relaxation program into your life before disease takes root.

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Course and program policy: Once payment has been sent and a commitment to attend any courses or programs has been made, there are no refunds issued unless Stacy fails to follow-thru on the program delivery.  If an event unexpectedly occurs in your life during the course of your program commitment which deems you unable to complete your classes and/or program, a one-time extension will be given. This extension must be completed by you within six months of your initial commitment. There will be no exceptions, thank you for understanding.


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