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"I recently participated in Stacy Kamala Waltman's virtual program of meditation coaching and would like to recommend this to everyone.

It's a very flexible course, allowing the students to set their own times and, to a large extent within certain guidelines, to use their own style, with weekly guidance from Stacy.

In spite of her being on one coast and me being on the other, I learned breathing control and the ability to clear my mind and allowpeace to flow into me. I have used the techniques during my work days (very stressful times) to enable me to relax and refresh myself. Several times each day, for just a few minutes at a time, I close myself off and allow myself to meditate.

As a person with asthma, I also urge all other sufferers to learn these techniques. They will serve you very well in minimizing or eliminating asthma attacks. They've done wonders for me!" ~ Cheryl Devereaux

"Working with Stacy has broadened my awareness in critical and life changing ways. Her gifts of intuition and discernment, along with the facets of her extensive education and spiritual studies are obvious. Her sincerity and the dedication she demonstrates by her steadfast interest in each person whom she mentors, is beyond measure.

Stacy proved to me that meditation is a life changing force, a simple time allowance so necessary to society today in our fast paced, overwhelmed existence.

I am so grateful for knowing Stacy and having heard her words that struck a chord in me I've never found to happen to this degree by any other teacher, therapist or life coach. Knowing Stacy has awakened an awareness in me that has allowed me to navigate my time and energy much more effectively, creating a sense of mastery that I did not have before I met her.

She is a one in a million gift to those who find the golden ticket by hearing about her and taking her courses." ~ Malia Cote`, Screenwriter


"I have always wanted to meditate yet could never quiet my mind," said Colleen McInyrre. "Stacy guided me into a place where I now have an easy and steady practice. I am eternally grateful!"



"After trying meditation through books and on-line programs without much success, I decided to enroll in Stacy's Customized Meditation Coaching Program. Getting back to basics was what I sorely needed to reestablish my daily practice.

In spite of my previous attempts, I was not meditating as consistently as I wanted to. I loved that Stacy guided me into building up gradually so that it didn't seem as if I was climbing up a steep mountain. She is fun, sweet, tenacious and skilled which is exactly what I needed to keep on track.

She also prescribed yoga postures before I meditated which really helped me sink my body into a more comfortable sitting position. Boy did this help a lot!

I really feel like I am honoring the divine spark of God within me when I am meditating. It allows me to exercise more self-love and finally practice what everyone is always talking about. I am so grateful that I took this program! Thanks for guiding me through the rough spots! " ~ Debra Worden



"I have been attempting a meditation practice for years but decided to approach Stacy’s Meditation Coaching Program with ‘Beginners Mind".  Thank God I did!  I have learned so much from this course and am still in awe!"  ~ Bernice London

"I loved the heart-opening exercise Stacy gave me to do in between meditations. I am so in tune to the energy of my heart and love that I can now tap into that energy any time I want. Thank you so very much Stacy!"









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"Often, what we are resisting on one level is the very thing we are seeking on another level - Integration is largely a push-pull dynamic." ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman