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One-to-One Coaching ~

A Distance Learning Program:
Life Coaching and Yoga

"Clarity equals peace, happiness and strength.  I will help you to become clear so that you have the inner power to be authentic, successful, peaceful, dynamic and happy in your life." ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman
  • Allowing you to live anywhere in the world and still participate with Stacy, clients have weekly telephone or Skype sessions for a minimum of 12 weeks.

  • A telephone interview will help determine if Stacy's coaching style is right for you

  • Through Stacy’s coaching dynamic, values are re-discovered and relating versus controlling communication is practiced.

  • Light is shed on self sabotaging tendencies.  Inner power is regained and often a zest for life is returned.

  • Stacy will assign helpful homework to reinforce the evolution of your emerging skills.

  • Coaching with Stacy is an enlivened process filled with fun and challenge to assist you in accessing deeper awareness.

  • You can experience enhanced self esteem and love of yourself and for others through Stacy's coaching process.

  • Working with Stacy's style of coaching will be integrative of mind, body and spirit.

  • Coaching works best when coach and client share strong commitment, trust, compassion, and confidential, honest communication. Stacy creates this environment for your expansion.

  • Stacy will utilize her training, experience and deep intuitive abilities to optimize your sessions with her.

  • The result of doing this dynamic work with Stacy is your ability to access previously hidden awareness and live a vibrant life, filled with capability, self-confidence, contentment and happiness!

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Course and program policy: Once you have sent in payment and committed to attend any courses or programs, there are no refunds issued unless I fail to follow-thru on the program delivery.  If a life event unexpectedly occurs during the course of your program commitment that deems you unable to complete your sessions, a one-time extension will be given. This extension must be completed by you within six months of your initial commitment. There will be no exceptions, thank you for understanding.


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“The word 'but' represents either/or thinking whereas the word 'and' represents a multitude of possibilities as well as the paradox of holding two opposing truths together in the same moment. To shift from using the word 'but' to 'and' is a very expansive practice.” ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman