Testimonials, Yoga Nidra :

"A rocket burns most of its fuel during the first few moments of flight, as it overcomes inertia and the gravitational pull of the earth. That's what it's like for us as we launch a new pattern of behavior.  In the beginning enormous amounts of resolve, patience and fortitude are required as we pass through our various levels of
resistance and habitual patterns."  ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman

“Knowing I was struggling with cancer, I received an unexpected e-mail from a friend of mine offering to pay for some healing work with a woman he was working with and whom he spoke very highly of, Stacy Kamala Waltman. I looked at her website, talked to my friend and decided to take him up on his very generous offer.

When I first spoke with Stacy about her various healing paths we agreed that her Yoga Nidra series would be the best avenue given my current health issues. I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and it metastasized in 2010. Since then I have been working on all angles of my life to help in my healing – physical (including diet), mental, spiritual.

I thoroughly enjoyed my program with Stacy! Our sessions together were remarkable. I felt incredibly supported on my healing journey throughout her entire series. I felt more aware of my body and its innate power to heal than I ever had before.

Included in her Customized Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation/Meditation program were a couple of life coaching sessions. I think these life coaching/stress management interactions along with the Yoga Nidra combined to help me pinpoint some incredible areas of stress in my life and planted the seeds for change.

My mother has been living with my family and me for over six years. Her personality is toxic – definitely not nourishing. As I work through all my various phases of cancer treatment her negativity wore on me more and more. It doesn’t seem to matter how old we are - we want that nurturing of our family when we are healing but, as usual, she wasn’t there for me. Unfortunately my mother isn’t capable of showing any compassion for what I am going through. It’s always about her.

As a result of my work with Stacy I have realized the incredible importance of taking care of me and my immediate family and not being sucked dry by anyone’s negativity – especially my mother’s.

The seeds for focusing on my road back to health were planted in my work with Stacy. It has been a GIANT step on my road back to health on so many levels.

I relish the time in Yoga Nidra and with Stacy and have learned how to refocus my mind and make many important changes in my life. Bless Stacy’s work and my friend for his incredible gift of coaching with such a gifted person!” ~
Sally Copeland, Southern California

“These days our lives blaze with intensity. There are many pressures, constant demands, and innumerable decisions to be made. We are bombarded with sensations, choices, opinions, conflicts, changes and uncertainties.

Through all this outward confusion, there is an inner oasis inside each of us and Stacy can lead you there. She has done this for me.

In spite of some yogic knowledge, I did not know about Yoga Nidra training. I had taken other courses from Stacy and having experienced her guidance in our One to One Coaching sessions, I knew I could trust her completely. So I singed up and now love it so much I am embarking on her next level of Yoga Nidra sessions. Through Yoga Nidra I am training my mind in ways that my meditation training didn’t address. I am learning to let go more and more. It is an amazing experience.

Stacy’s years of training under great gurus are evident in the tone and vibration of her voice. It is rare to find such a Master like her these days among all the noise. She personally guides you into practices that allow you to experience the True Self.

I have learned that by surrendering into that blissful peace even just for a few moments before my mind’s chatter kicks in again, I am nourished and the experience fuels me to be able to return to the complexities of life with lightheartedness and contentment.

I am grateful that Stacy is so willing to offer this service of Yoga Nidra at such an affordable cost. For the price of a nice dinner, you will discover something of lasting value, inner peace.” ~
Kathryn McCraley, New Mexico

"I am pleased to announce that Stacy Kamala Waltman 5 CD Yoga Nidra program is now available on Amazon at: Yoga Nidra with Stacy.
This is an excellent introduction series of Yoga Nidra meditation. I took the course and liked it a lot!" ~ Jim Wilkins, Saint Paul, MN

"Yoga Nidra with Stacy is great! So many people dont know what Yoga Nidra is, so her YouTube video is really helpful in explaining its benefits. If you haven't done Yoga Nidra with Stacy Kamala Waltman, do yourself a favor and sign up! I loved my distance learning classes with her and it helped me change my life on a deep level. I feel so at peace and am in a state of JOY, much more often than not." ~ R. Sloan, Hamptons

"Yoga Nidra led by Stacy Kamala Waltman is not regular meditation. Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique which Kamala is an expert at leading. I have meditated and done Yoga Nidra on my own for many years but found that these classes were amazingly relaxing in a way I didn't expect." ~ Aruna

"I am finding my Customized Yoga Nidra classes with Stacy Kamala Waltman very beneficial. I am on my second class and already notice I am letting intrusive thoughts go. In doing so it is allowing me to stay focused on the present. I am finding myself more productive and feel an overall increased sense of well being! The best part is I have downloaded my personal Yoga Nidra classes onto my iPod, so I can listen to them easily and can repeat the entire series at anytime in the future." ~ Julie Celiberti Sears, Lexington, North Carolina
Addendum: “Now that I have completed Stacy’s entire Level 1 Customized Yoga Nidra program and a little time has passed, the only thing I would like to add is that it really does work! This I know, because I have become complacent and have not been listening to my Yoga Nidra recordings and have been slipping back into old patterns, intrusive thoughts and not practicing self care and nurturing. The most important thing now is that due to becoming more conscious I recognize what is happening more quickly than before and now I have the tools to get back on track!”

“Beautiful Yoga Nidra meditation class with Stacy Kamala Waltman ... yup, feeling like a noodle ... a content, refreshed, and happy noodle.” ♥ ~ Tracy Ostermeier

"I so love this program! I have learned patience and letting go from these classes and it has given me strength to deal with my work. I'm able to access more joy and happiness now too. What a gift this was. So happy you offered this over the telephone. I thought it was only in person! Thank you!" ~
Margaret Drake, Florida

"Loving my Customized Yoga Nidra program with Stacy Kamala Waltman! Stacy is warm, loving and kind. She gently helps you transform old patterns into new, healthy patterns. So grateful for her.

I am on my third session and I have found that it brings me greater clarity and has allowed me to let go of the constant chatter in my head. So much more JOY is allowed to come in when the chatter goes away." ~
Romi Sloan, South Hampton, New York

“I facilitate meditation myself, and meditate often. I have looked for guided meditation tapes to enhance my experience, but have never reached such a full scope of surrender, as I have with your Yoga Nidra series.

Your voice is so warm, loving, and it takes me to a place of stillness, without the distraction of the mind. The classes have energized and empowered me to help with the adversities in my life that I have been challenged with. I am so glad I have your classes recorded, as I will continue to listen and practice even after the course ends. I have only reached the third class as of yet, and am anxiously waiting for the opportune time without kids, and errands to run, to get further into the series. Thank you so much.” ~ Misty Dawn, Florida

“What I love is lying there with my cell phone next to my ear on speaker. All I have to do is follow Stacy Kamala’s beautiful voice. I am so, very relaxed afterward. This is a wonderful practice made better by Stacy's wonderful leadership. It brings your awareness to areas you are holding tension in your body. It then helps you release it. You will also find your mind is much calmer after. ” ~
Anna Aruna Reifman, New York

“I took Stacy’s Yoga Nidra Level 1 series a couple of times, practiced at home with the recordings she sent, and then signed up for a Customized Yoga Nidra series around the relationship I have with money. Since then my whole life has been transformed. 

I now know how to distinguish between my thoughts and actions which are driven from a poverty consciousness and those thoughts which spring from a place of abundance. 

My life is a lot happier and more complete now that I’ve had this training. Thank you, Stacy!” ~
Susan Hartman

"Your level 1 class has been such a blessing – After taking your class, I now use these skills every day, even if I don't do an entire session. It's improved my level of patience and ability to relax. It’s increased my patience as a parent and improved many other aspects of my life. I'm hoping to take level 2 very soon and am encouraging my daughter to take your teen class. Thank you so much!" ~
Virginia Morrel, Indiana

Dear Stacy,

Today I had a really emotionally draining day. I was angry and saddened by a pet being neglected by someone and then dying. I was at a total loss as to what to do with my anger. Then I listed to my Yoga Nidra....... ahhhhh...... it is still heartbreaking to me that this animal was neglected, but the anger has dissipated and I can put it in perspective.

Thank You for the incredible work you do......

“I love taking these Yoga Nidra courses from Stacy because it allows me to set aside ‘me time’ and remember to unwind. With the group teleclass, I get to have a schedule I can count on and stay relaxed after the class rather than have to drive home in traffic. I’ve taken her Level 1 series a couple of times and I get something new out if it every single time! I can’t wait to take the Level 2 courses!” ~
Melissa Foster

“I greatly enjoyed Stacy’s first Yoga Nidra, Level 1 session on Wednesday night and look forward to the next 4! So wonderful! I find it helps me practice the state of allowing and letting go. Bring it!” ~
Kathleen Dufour

“These classes are wonderful for centering and grounding. They pull your energy back into alignment at the end of a long day.” ~ Katherine Lakshmi Tolton, Virginia

“This is the ultimate power nap! I feel so restored! ” ~ Virginia Morrel, Indiana

“Your voice is very soothing Stacy, even my dogs were blissed out! This is the perfect remedy for a troubled mind and sleeplessness. Thank you so much!” ~ Clydeen Shaw Johnson

“I am so happy that I wrote in my journal after class because within 15 minutes I could barley remember the profound feeling I had experienced and by the next morning it was like a dream.” ~ Stephanie Cote