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"Stacy is easy to be with in this process of developing my awareness. She laughs and plays while we are working together. She is creative and fun - and her voice... it's beautiful! Taking random things and showing me where they are similar, she has taught me where to look. She has shown me where there is a teaching in the everyday living of things. She brought me back to my heart and back to its wisdom. She took me out of my head and intellectualizing about everything. What a gift it is to interact with her. I am in awe. She sheds light and has opened my vision to many more viewpoints than I ever considered before. She gets these streams of consciousness and they just pour forth. I wish I had taped my sessions with her. Wish I had started this sooner. Wish I hadn't put this off so long. If I told this to her she'd probably say, 'It doesn't matter, you're doing it now.' What a treat this has been. Thank you, Stacy!" ~ Linda Wright, Boulder, CO


"Stacy's workshop on Upgrading Your Story was profound! Fresh, Fun, and Full of Life! I didn't want it to end!

She has a wicked good sense of humor that kept the entire class engaged. The theme for the weekend was summed up in a quote from A Course in Miracles:  “I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.”

Stacy said many things that really stood out to me.  One of the key ones was, “We get used to the story and its debilitation—we’ve convinced ourselves that is who we are.”  So true! My grasp on what was discussed is navigating out of “the maze,” that place of dense, heavy thought and vibration.  In my case that would be emotional pain and the accompanying feelings of apathy.

Stacy's insights are like a sharp sword that cuts through density cleanly and easily. The weekend was beyond transformative. I am so very grateful!."



I got to take Stacy's programs while she was still giving them, before she gets too popular and begins to train others to teach her programs.

The connection she makes is so strong; its as if she is speaking from some ancient place and time. She has these streams of consciousness that just pour forth in such a safe and easy way.

I have been blessed to have done this work with her. I finally applied this stuff instead of just talking and reading about it. ~ Melissa Becker, Texas



“Over the past year I've received coaching and feedback in both the business and personal areas of my life from Stacy Kamala Waltman. Her acute insight and ability to listen to the most micro details is spectacular. With this gift she is able to refine the conversations, ask questions while appropriately drilling down to the "source" of the issue and then creating "breakthroughs" that I may not otherwise have achieved. Stacy is a talented and gifted coach, mentor and friend. There's no reason to figure out life on your own, I'll take the best road and know everything works out in my best interest when Stacy is guiding me. Thank you Stacy for your persistence, insight, gifts and wisdom - you are a blessing to me and many others.” ~ Kelly F., Irvine, CA


Dear Stacy,

Thank you for the opportunity to audit your workshop. I have known you for some time now - more recently by your wise sayings and fresh thoughts which I enjoy every week. As a former teacher and group leader myself, I commend you on your ability to motivate and make profound teachings actionable for your attendees. You are performing a much needed service by your fresh and accessible presentations. Keep up the good work!

Errol Ishwara Cowan, PhD.



I attended Stacy Kamala Waltman's weekend Meditation Immersion and learned so much! Getting back to basics was what I sorely needed to re-establish my daily practice.  This helped me to achieve a level of success with meeting my goals and motivated me to stay consistent with it.  It also humbled me into a beginner's mind set instead of believing I could do more from the get go.  The reality was that I was not meditating as consistently as I could have been and going back to basics and shortening my meditations provided me the space to make my practice more consistent.  I loved that we built up gradually so that it didn't seem as if I was climbing a mountain to do more. 

The other thing that really helped me was the stretching exercises and adding God's presence and blessing to water every time I drank it.  Both of these things felt very nurturing for me and self-nurture has been my weak. 

I really feel like I am honoring the divine spark of God within when I am doing these things and it puts a seed of self-love in me that wants more watering with the bigger nurturing of meditation.

I also loved the heart-opening exercise as I am so in tune to the energy of my heart and I love that I can now tap into that any time I want using the exercise when all else fails. Thank you so very much Stacy!


Swami Asokananda ~ President, Satchidananda Ashram,Yogaville, VA and Integral Yoga International

It has been my pleasure to know Stacy (Kamala) for over 32 years and to watch her blossom into the beautiful spiritual person that she is today.

While deeply grounded in the realities, changes, and struggles we all must face in life, her connection to spirit allows her to see how all of life can be used to help the individual manifest his or her potentials.

The practice of Yoga has helped Stacy (Kamala) to develop deep compassion and extraordinary communication skills, which allow her to serve her clients very well.

Anyone who opens up to her will, no doubt, receive much benefit.




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Photo: Stacy Kamala Waltman,Meditation Master and Transformational Life Coach

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Stacy is a powerful and intuitive Transformational Life Coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) one of the few organizations accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also a natural empathic using her gifts to help people expand into fuller, richer lives. Most importantly, she's fun to work with and brings a freshness to the entire process. When she laughs, it's as if chimes are going off!