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When I worked with Stacy, doors opened for me and they just keep opening for me every day now. I am so blessed to have met Stacy and take one of her telecourses. Her teachings are still a part of me. Thank you Stacy!

Laura Hills Allen


As the effect of our  coaching  interactions is still going strong, I can honestly say I have no longer any "surrender" issues and haven't even had to consciously focus on this issue. It was Stacy's intuitive observations, a flick of a switch and some amazing doors have been opened as a result. Stacy Kamala gives a unique angle to the concept  of "working with" a person towards achieving the established aim, with empathy and perceptiveness. The entire process has been effortless. Stacy has helped me integrate  the concept of surrender to my personal targets seeing it as an integral part of fruition and not as a manifestation of acceptance of external influences. So thank you very much Stacy Kamala!


Cherie Devereaux

When I began my course with Stacy Kamala Waltman, I was seriously depressed about my life. She taught me to look at the world around me in a very different way, from a completely new perspective, changing my entire way of thinking.

Stacy made a huge difference in my life and I recommend her help to anyone and everyone. She's an excellent life counselor.

Jody Grombach

I’m one who has done a LOT of counseling and coaching in my life, and Stacy’s work is some of the most catalytic I have experienced.

Her insights and inquiry are razor sharp, and she does not waste words. She is kindly direct and lovingly honest, and she invites a level of transparency that makes the process of processing feel sweet and easy.

Weeks later, I’m amazed at how the work we did continues to unfold, every day.

Stacy is a gift for anyone who wants to move through the stuck places in life with awareness and grace.

Nick Fyffe

This past week, I completed a 4 week teleseminar series with Stacy on "Scarcity to Abundance" What a delicious 4 weeks it was.

What wonder there is to experience with others that indeed scarcity is and always has been an illusion of our human minds. I love the small group where individual and collective misconceptions are transformed in loving and tender dialogue.

What struck me so deeply is Stacy's ability to be intensely focused with each person. She seemingly walks the path of discovery with each individual on the call and then unfolds how the collective of the group is one in benefit of this discovery. Again the ONE-ness of us all reveals itself.

This wondrous universe in which we live is so willing to provide all we need. Our humanness blocks this flow at times. Stacy lovingly helps us to remove the twigs of the dam so that the waters of universal flow can pour forth.

Thank you Stacy for your Loving Light! Peace.




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